Produce and export juices, puree and concentrates,

(frozen and / or aseptic) of tropical fruits, required by our customers according to recipes and quality standards, through the effective operation of a selected team of professionals trained in quality standards and food safety developed in our manufacturing facilities.


Customer satisfaction

Become an international leader in the production and export of juices, puree and concentrate (frozen and / or aseptic) of tropical fruits.

Maintain customer satisfaction through the contribution of modern technology renewed according to the needs of the market as well as the training of our human resources.


QUICORNAC is dedicated to the production and marketing of juices, purees, frozen and/or aseptic concentrates; beverages; and by-products derived from fruits.

We are committed at all levels of the organization, as well as stakeholders associated with our business, to the following goals:
1. Satisfy the needs of our clients, complying with the regulations and standards of quality, safety, safe trade, social responsibility, safety, and health at work and in the environment.
2. Identify, plan, measure, assess and monitor the risk factors associated with the activity and context of the organization, committing the available resources for the timely taking of corrective and/or preventive actions.
3. Establish, promote, monitor, verify, communicate and keep updated as appropriate on the fulfillment of the objectives and goals.
4. Plan that continuous improvement is continually adequate and effective for the sustainable development of integrated management systems, working on:

  • Quality and safety of our products, with the associated preventive measures for the defense of food and the evaluation of vulnerability to food fraud.
  • Reduction of risks of accidents and professional illnesses of our workers.
  • Reduction of environmental impact.
  • Control and security of our information.
  • Control of infrastructure and prevention of illegal contamination.
  • Encourage non-participation in bribery, corruption, or other types of fraudulent business practices.
  • Promote, implement and maintain effective internal and external participation and communication between our workers and interested parties, through the necessary channels for the transmission of information.
  • Educate, train, and promote competition with our workers and stakeholders, to achieve effective results.
  • Respect and promote compliance with human rights.

5. Comply with current national and international legislation, applicable to the industrial and commercial activity of the company.

Last review: June 30, 2022