Quicornac in time

Throughout our history, we have been constantly evolving.

Discover the most important milestones of our company in the following timeline.


The first operations with just 25 employees focused on the production of juice and passion fruit concentrate for export.


Thanks to the good prestige gained due to our export quality products, growth was experienced leading the company to invest and renew technology.


To improve the fresh fruit harvesting process, we acquired trucks and established collection centers throughout the country.


The national market for beverages and juice packaging began. With the brand Sunny, Quicornac SA becomes one of the market leaders in natural fruit nectars in Ecuador.


Quicornac SA voluntarily became a member of the SGF (Schutzgemeinschaft der Fruchtsaft eV)


After successful 10 years the company expands its facilities by enlarging storage warehouses and freezing chambers, a new production line is also launched: the aseptic line. The remodeling covered 15,000 m2.


A new plant for the treatment of other products derived from passion fruit is put into operation, the fruit in several segments in the global market is maximized.


A luxury of Juice!  The refreshing and natural beverage REFRESH is launched to conquer a new segment nationwide.
QUICORNAC SAC Peru was incorporated in October 2008 in the city of Olmos, a district in the northern region of Lambayeque.


The productive operations of Quicornac Peru began accompanied by an aggressive agricultural promotion campaign of passion fruit around the country generating, almost immediately, a socio-economic development and direct and indirect sources of work benefiting farmers during the following years.


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