Integral Use

of the passion fruit.

Our philosophy is to achieve efficiency in our value chain, seeking zero waste in all our lines.

The seed goes through a primary drying process to be washed and remove the mucilaginous material and impurities, then to the final drying in a continuous dryer to finally be used in our oil extraction and flour production plant.

Seed oil

This product is obtained through a cold pressing process of the passion fruit seed from the juice extraction.

Since mid-2018, a refined passion fruit oil is marketed at the self-service level in Ecuador under the distinctive brand "Passola", considered as a Gourmet product.

Passion fruit oil is highly appreciated in several countries in Europe and Asia, as well as in Brazil.

Currently, QUICORNAC markets passion fruit oil at an industrial level for the pharmaceutical, paints, cosmetics and personal care industries.

Among its benefits, there is the exotic flavor and a culinary experience with greater added value than other products in this range.

Seed flour

This product is obtained from the milling of the cake obtained from the oil extraction residue.

Because of its high protein and fiber content, it is used in the preparation of balanced feed.

Products based on the passion fruit shell

At the beginning the shell was discarded. However, after research we have discovered that it has positive organoleptic properties for livestock. This is how this element is derived as food for cattle, which is very much wanted by the effects it generates in these animals.

From the shell you can also make passion fruit shell flour, which serves as an ingredient applied to bakery and industrial pastry.